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What is JavaScript?
JavaScript may be a standard scripting language, that will increase the introversive ness and practicality of web content. type validation, browser instruction, time-dated date etc. area unit employed in the work. Javascript is employed as each consumer and server. thus it’s capable of the process the information from the user and process it to the server. Javascript was planted by the ECMA international organization and created by complete H. Javascript’s official name (ECMAScript)
Whay use JavaScript?
Javascript is equally vital in each internet style and development. you’ll shortly become a full-fledged designer once you will use JavaScript and CSS moreover as JavaScript. this may offer you the chance to precise creative thinking. you’ll profit of javascript if e-commerce website selects differing kinds of merchandise and determines their amount if the user is needed to order his order.
In fact, people who write markup language code don’t seem to be the programmers. Javascript may be a scripting language and it is often embedded with a markup language. thus JavaScript programs get the chance.

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