How i can learn a Program

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What is the program?
Programming is a program that describes computer problems by solving a specific problem. In other words, a specific problem-solving program is called. For example, a few programming languages are named below:
C, C ++, Visual Basic, Java, Oracle etc.
What is the compiler?
The compiler is a translator program that can convert the program written in the high-level language together to machine language. Some c compilers are named:
ANSI C, Borland C, Turbo C ++
What is the source program?
The program written by the programmer in higher languages is called a program.
What is the class?
A class is a type of user-defined data type that works like a built-in data type. Where there are some variables and some functions to use those variables
The structure of the class is given below
Class Name
Variable Declaration;
Function Declaration;
Variable Declaration;
Function Declaration;
Variable Declaration;
Function Declaration;

What is Function Argument?
The value of the calling function is that the value of the variable is used in the variable. Call him the function arguments.

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