How to learn PHP&MySQL

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PHP :     server-side cross-platform hypertext mark-up language scripting language. the aim of this language is to create internet dynamic.
The following is that the name of the code required to be told PHP:
• internet server
• Browser
• Notepad
Php installation:
Currently putting in XAMPP server, the Apeach internet server, MySQL info server and PHP server website scripting Language also are put in. that the drawback is a smaller amount. putting in one in all your computers, your computer can work sort of a server.
PHP Syntex
Is there a PHP scripting block to begin all the time with <? Php. The PHP block may be placed anyplace within document.
Php variables:
Variables in THPsquare measureaccustomed save variables like text string numbers or arrays, in variables to save lots of. once a variable is once a declaration is created, a Scripter is employed in PhP. All variables in PHP square measure started by $ sign symbols.
PHP <>Statement
Conditional statements square measure used totally different|for various} functions betting on different conditions.
if (condition)
dead if condition is true;
dead if condition is false;
Php array
Variable could be a protected space, wherever the amount is control. however the matter is that a variable can solely hold one worth. the matter solves the array. Array could be a special form of variable, which may store one worth inside one variable.
Php operate
The real power of PHP comes from its operate you’ll place your scripting in a very operate to execute a scripting browser whereas loading the page. it’s helpful with the call.
function function Name ()

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