How to Learn Html5

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You can create your own website through thisTTML. The whole of the order is – (In the end, the most beautiful). In fact, it is not a programming language but it is a markup language, which is a combination of the one-row markup tag.
HTML tags:
HTML tags are basically called mark tags of HTML tags. Tags are keywords that are bound by both sides of the ^ angle bracket; For example, if the first tag is the tag, the title tag is the end tag and the last tag is the last tag. These tags are again called the opening tag and the closing tag.
What are the requirements of learning HTML?
You can learn this through a typical text editor such as Notepad. In this case, there is no alternative to using Notepad to promote your base. You can use (.pdf) and (.caption) integration when you save a command file. But the best of both are (.image) or the use of extrusion.
HTML Heading:
HTML files are defined by tags for headings (<1> scrolling <6>).



<h1> This is Heading 1</h1>

<h2> This is Heading 2</h2>

<h3> This is Heading 3</h3>

<h4> This is Heading 4</h4>

<h5> This is Heading 5</h5>

<h6> This is Heading 6</h6>



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